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$79 first month
then $179 / month


$700 / month


$1,200 / month


$1,700 / month
100 Submits
$1.00 / additional submit
10,000 Submits
$.05 / additional submit
50,000 Submits
$.02 / additional submit
100,000 Submits
$.015 / additional submit
Additional Submit
Packs Available
2 month storage 3 month storage 6 month storage 12 month storage
1 user 1 user included 3 users included 5 users included
Self Setup $375 Professional Setup
Paid Per Incident Support Free Online Support
5 Duplicate Rules Unlimited Duplicate Rules
75 Fields Unlimited Fields
- Unlimited Custom Field Validations
5 Filters Unlimited Filters
1 Form Unlimited Forms
- Unlimited Global Constants
2 Interfaces Unlimited Interfaces
- Unlimited IP Filter Sets
10 Lead Points Unlimited Lead Points
2 Lead Buyers Unlimited Lead Buyers
1 Ping Tree Unlimited Ping Trees
1 Promotion Unlimited Promotions
2 Schedules Unlimited Schedules
- Unlimited String Lists
- Unlimited URL Sets
- Optional Returns Module
$100 / month
- Optional RESTful Data Access
$75 / month

Payments are made online and in advance.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Professional Setup includes setting up your data dictionary, one form, one ping tree, one promotion, and one lead buyer interface and we use this to do a web-based training session for your more technical users who will be configuring and managing your ping trees. The main goal is to give you a reasonable starting point for one of your verticals.  You should review, adjust, and test the initial set up until you understand and agree with it before you move into a production operational status.  If you wish we can do additional custom work and training at set up time.

During the implementation process for our United Kingdom and Australian clients, we monitor our ticket system outside of normal business hours and provide support as needed.

Business transactions are stored and searchable online for the number of months shown above; raw HTTP transactions (useful for diagnostics) are available for 1/3 of that time.

Available Upgrades

Additional Users

Additional Submits Per Month with Reduced Overage Fees - Available with Elite edition

Additional Data Retention Time

Custom Training

Business Hour Phone Support - Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (17:00) US Eastern time.  


We are available for implementation work, ping tree tuning, and lead generation consulting.

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