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Powerful, customizable field validations and filters.
field validation screen shot

Graphical, drag-and-drop interface for ping tree ordering.
ping tree drag and drop

Ability to integrate with third party lead validation and scrubbing services and only ping your premium lead buyers with passing leads.
lead point configuration options

True ping/post capability.  Ping a buyer with partial data and follow up with a full post of all requested lead data if the ping is accepted.

Tracking for all clicks (visits), form submissions, and redirects based on site, promotion, affiliate, and subids.

Global and promotion-specific payout pixels of any kind (image, script, IFRAME, e.g.).
pixel feature

International support for handling dates and numbers.  mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy for dates, 2,535.75 or 2.535,75 for numbers, e.g.

Charts, reporting, and data extracts that can be produced for any time zone.
sample graph
click search

Weighted split testing of landing pages when a visitor clicks through us to start a session.

Exclusive lead sales or non-exclusive lead sales up to N times per lead.

Resubmit safeguards to protect conversions.  Double-clicks and resubmits that result in an accept will receive the same redirect URL every time.  This way once a lead has been accepted the user can't hit the back button and try to get a different result.

Responses to form submissions returned in XML format or let our system redirect the consumer to the next page in the flow.

Time zone specific daily lead limits per "lead point" (a.k.a. lead order).

Powerful in-house duplicate rules.
dup rules

Accept fixed and dynamic receivable amounts from your buyers.

Fixed payable amounts to your affiliates on a per click, per submit, or per accept basis as well as when a minimum configured amount of revenue is booked during a session (VERY POWERFUL).

Dynamic payable amounts to your affiliates based on a percentage of revenue.

XML/SOAP, HTTP POST, and HTTP GET/QueryString post formats as well as the ability to build a redirect URL to use without doing a ping or post.

Interface set up facilitated by pasting in posting specification sample posts and responses and letting the system parse what it sees.
interface wizard

Multiple lead points for the same lead buyer interface (for when a lead buyer supports multiple tiers).  You don't have to set up and maintain multiple copies of interfaces for your buyers that support tiers.  One definition can be used at any number of price points.
Time zone specific schedules and powerful filters including IP filters (block entire countries by IP address ranges, e.g.).


Sequential or weighted ordering of lead points within a ping tree tier.  Weighted is more flxeible than round robin and yet round robin can be achieved with equal weights and ample volume.

Time limits on each lead point response.

Time limits on each ping tree tier and/or an entire ping tree.

Audit trail of all configuration changes down to user, IP address, and date/time.

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